Hiring Specialized Canadian French Translation Service

When you have documents issued in another country that have to be presented in Canada, you will need a professional service for Canadian French translation. Find out more about this option and its alternative.

Be Well Prepared

It is important to note that at federal level, both French and English are official languages in Canada. This means that if you have to submit your documents to a federal institution, you can use Canadian English translation equally effectively. Keep in mind that this language has its specifics. Even if the document is in English, but comes from another country, it may still have to be translated. You should check specifically to be on the safe side.
In all provinces of the country, English is an official language with the only exception being Quebec. In this province, French is the only official language. That is why if you have to submit the documents to the provincial authorities in Quebec or you simply want to do business with a client from there, you will have no choice but to hire a Canadian French translator. In general, it is always best to ask what language will be used in advance to get things right from the start.
No matter whether you hire a Canadian English translator or one fluent in French, you have to confirm that the person has the necessary education and experience for the job. She should also be specialized in the field which the documents are in. This will help you to get translation with the highest possible level of accuracy. You have to be happy with the turnaround time and the rate as well.